Our experience

Proven experience, superior work delivery.

Experience and expertise are the foundation that our processes, technologies, and operating model were built on.

Clairvolex approaches each client relationship as a strategic partnership.

Providing targeted support from a hybrid offering portfolio allows us to wield our tech-enabled expertise to extract value from our clients’ intellectual property.

A decade of IP Transactions by the numbers


Patent Applications prosecuted before USPTO and EPO


Docketing actions delivered


New US Patent Application documents prepared


US Patents proofread


IDS filings prepared


Patent Drawings prepared

Novelty Searches performed


Patents analyzed for Licensing

Trusted by our clients to deliver IP Services and Software solutions - at scale.

We have over 100 active clients - both global corporations and law firms.

14 of the top 50 IP filers world-wide are our clients.

168 IP professionals trained by US and Canadian patent attorneys and paralegals on laws and procedures of international IP prosecution.

Leveraging our own AI-ML powered software suite for efficient work allocation, governance, and production dashboards.

Join more than 100 global brands and top credentialed law firms

We have always found the personnel at Clairvolex assigned to our account to be eager to assist, in good communications with us, efficient in handling all our requests, and very easy to work with. 

We appreciate having them ‘on call’ to handle matters for us in a very cost-effective manner.”

Raymond Millien

Formerly Chief IP Officer, Volvo Cars

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