Patent Search, Analysis, and Monetization

Insights Driven, Value Added.

Full suite of Patent Search, Analysis, and Monetization Services ranging from comprehensive, substantive prior art searches to custom built patent portfolio analysis that can surface actionable insights relevant to patent licensing.

Our team of experts leverages Clair Insights, our industry leading, ML-based analytics solution designed to reveal valuable insights for portfolio development and monetization.

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Patents analyzed for Licensing

Patent Search, Analysis, and Monetization Benefits

Comprehensive prior art searches inform smarter patent development and help our clients build high-value patent portfolios.

Optimize your patent portfolio with actionable insights into the current and potential value of your Intellectual Property.

Realize untapped value sitting within your IP portfolio with AI–ML tech-enable Licensing and Monetization support.

IP Paralegal services benefits

Customizable engagement structures for nimble support at any stage of the Patent Management process.

Our team of seasoned, credentialed experts manage large volumes of complex IP transactions across multiple jurisdictions with efficiency and accuracy.

Our approach to managing IP assets combines optimal resourcing, the right domain experience, and proven processes – enabled and augmented by our proprietary AI–ML technologies.

Patent Portfolio Development Benefits

We handle large volumes of pending global patent applications and Office Action Responses with accuracy and efficiency.

​​Our team of expert patent prosecution professionals are trained under highly experienced patent attorneys, experienced in proven processes, and proficient in our proprietary AI-ML technologies.

The strength of our work delivery translates into more strategically valuable patent portfolios for our clients.

Patent Portfolio Development Services

Patent Drafting

Drafting ready-to-file English language patent applications for filing in the USPTO, PCT, RO, EPO, and other jurisdictions.

Office Action Response Drafting

Drafting ready-to-file Office Action Responses for patent prosecution at USPTO, EPO, or any world-wide English Language Jurisdiction.

Patent Search, Analysis, and Monetization

Paralegal and Docketing Services

For Patent & Trademarks Prosecution

US IDS Preparation

Our team of IDS experts helps you fulfill duty of disclosure in a timely, accurate, and cost-effective manner, including:

  • Search all publicly available PTO websites to gather the material prior art across all patent families related to an application.

  • Cross-check all references identified during the audit with previously submitted references to identify new or uncited prior art.

  • Prepare ready-to-file IDS and relevant supporting forms.

  • Download and compile PDF copies of required references to facilitate easier submission.

  • Electronic filing of an IDS.

Data Validation
  • Update records or validate the details of any recently transferred Intellectual Property assets with client docketing systems or PTOs.

  • We verify the legitimacy of IP records by comparing data pertaining to US / non-US cases against public data sources or through local counsel.

Patent Proofreading and Certificate of Correction Filing

Over 94% of issued patents contain errors that affect their enforceability. We offer high-quality proofreading and Certificate of Correction filing services across Patent Applications, Published Patent Applications, and Issued Patents. Our professional proofreaders use combined electronic and manual proofreading processes, delivered with technical quality support from experienced patent attorneys.

Patent and Design Drawings

Our patent illustration team creates high-quality drawings that meet PTO requirements at an affordable cost. We set ourselves apart by combining knowledge of USPTO, EPO, PCT and other jurisdictions with a dedication to technical precision and fluency in advanced design software. Working from hand-drawn sketches, blueprints, photographs, or other descriptions - our team delivers Patent Illustrations ready to file with the PTO.

Office Action Response Shells

We offer the creation of Office Action Response Shells (OARS) to help patent prosecutors get a head start on preparing detailed Office Action Responses. These non-technical Shells consist of a base template with headers, footers, and boilerplate language  specific to client needs, as well as form paragraphs introducing objections raised, the latest copy of the claims with status identifiers, and other relevant details.

Patent Opposition Watch

Our highly skilled IP Admin team helps maintain a watch on key competitor portfolios to provide valuable market intelligence to our clients. We are able to provide asset-level insights into prosecution status at the PTO.

File Wrapper Review

We offer preparation and review of patent application file wrappers. This wrapper - documenting all correspondence between the patent office and the applicant across the entire transaction - aids in decisions on licensing, litigation, infringement analysis, and buying and selling of patents.

Patent Term Adjustment

We use a semi-automated process to calculate a patent’s expiration date in order to determine if the patent term adjustment published by the USPTO is correct. Our proven process leverages continuity, terminal disclaimer, maintenance fee, OAR extensions, along with other data points - to ensure a comprehensive and accurate analysis.

The distinguishing factor of Clairvolex is the speed, quality and knowledge of the global market.”

Dr. Shuichi Kurabayashi, Ph. D.

Technical Advisor & Director, Cygames Research

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