Clair Docket Assist

Modernize your Docketing Process with AI and Automation technology.

Clair Docket Assist is the industry leading Docketing solution in the Intellectual Property market for automating worldwide IP docketing.

Auto-extracts and classifies data from docketing mailbox - agnostic of docketing system.

Identifies docketing action type and associated rule sets from internal SOPs.

Accelerates docketing specialist through to review and quality assurance activities.

Automates data entry into the docketing system.

Clair Docket Assist
  • Automates otherwise cumbersome docketing activities including extraction from docketing mailbox, classification, assigning actions and rules sets from internal SOPs, and entry into any docketing system.
  • Handles international docketing and workflow management across multiple teams and jurisdictions.
  • Elevates Docketing Specialist to data validation and quality assurance functions.
  • Integrates seamlessly with any existing Docketing system and email solution.
  • User friendly interface and dashboard design centers the most common needs and challenges of a docketing specialist or paralegal.
  • Option to further augment Docketing with oversight from Clairvolex Docketing Services.
  • Automated alerts and reporting updates account for time sensitive or critical deadlines.
  • Monitor cost, quality, timeliness, and upcoming events across multiple teams and jurisdictions.
  • Asset-level data provides top down views of Law Firm or Outside Counsel performance.

Key Features

Workflow Management

Superior governance and insight into quality metrics, status, and upcoming tasks eliminate missed deadlines.

Data Intelligence

Asset-level analytics provide granular oversight and visibility into performance, status, and cost - presented in a dynamic dashboard.

Embedded Safety Rules

Ensure accuracy and minimizes error throughout docketing process.

Data and Document Management

Automated data extraction from emails, attachments, and PTO sites, agnostic of docketing system.

Internal SOPs

Automated data extraction from emails, attachments, and PTO sites, agnostic of docketing system.

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We recently engaged Clairvolex to help us with strategy and execution of our IP management program. They have shown a high level of professionalism and capabilities in understanding our needs and we look forward to working with them.”

Mark Thomas

Vice President, Engineering and Intellectual Property

I drive Elisity’s patents through Clairvolex and appreciate their competency and efficiency. Every individual from Clairvolex I have worked with, both in the U.S and in India, has been extremely proficient, quick to understand the technology, and very thorough in their research, which is a critical step in filing a successful patent application. The entire team is patient and pleasant to work with. I would strongly recommend Clairvolex to every technology company – large or small.”

Sundher Narayan

CTO, Elisity

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