Clair Response Drafter

Faster, more accurate Office Action Response Drafting is possible.

Clair Response Drafter is a first of its kind AI-enabled SaaS solution for efficient drafting of Office Action Responses for US patent prosecution - from research, to strategy, to drafting - in a single, intuitive interface.

Quickly comprehend Examiner's basis of rejection with machine-guided reading and analysis of an Office Action from the USPTO, including side by side comparison of Examiner position, claims text, and cited art.

Accelerate through research and strategy with NLP-powered contextual searching of cited art, and automated extraction of all relevant text, including prior art, Office Action, claim history, drawings and other text.

Get to actual drafting faster with AI-enabled recommendation engine and Smart Drafting feature.

Clair Response Drafter
  • Move seamlessly from research and analysis to response strategy to drafting all in one place.
  • Usability features such as color coding, text comparison, timeline and dependency views, and AI-powered recommendation engine accelerate user to actual drafting.
  • NLP algorithms extract and compile all relevant texts into an intuitive interface including Office Action, prior art full text, latest claims, application specs, drawings and other document types.
  • Navigate easily between Office Action and prior art for improved readability.
  • Contextual search surfaces and prioritizes most relevant sections of cited arts to help quickly decide how to build the right argument.
  • Powerful NLP based search goes beyond exact matches to return contextually relevant results - capturing a truly accurate set of textual matter for consideration.
  • Secure portfolio sync with PrivatePAIR integration guarantees comprehensive access to data all in one place.

  • Smart Drafting feature automates drafting a Response using customizable templates suited to a variety of user preferences and drafting styles.
  • Guided Reading feature helps quickly digest and comprehend Examiner’s rationale and compare Examiner-cited passages side-by-side with relevant prior art.
  • Timeline, dependency and status views provide high level visibility into claims tree, file history and prosecution status at a glance.
Key Features

SaaS Model

Seamless integrations, painless implementation. Simply log in to access our powerful software.

Guided Reading

Automated data crawling and NLP-powered text extraction along with side-by-side text comparison views, notes, and keyword tagging.

Claim Map

Visualization of Claims Tree indicating priority, dependencies, status, and claim history.

NLP Search

Returns contextually relevant results of US and non US prior art.

Recommendation Engine

Automatically serves up a comprehensive set of textual matter for consideration.

Smart Drafting

AI-powered drafting of actual Response accelerates user through to review and quality assurance activities.

Examiner Analytics

Provides insight into Examiner search notes and history of behavior to better inform response strategy.

Prosecution Metrics

Understand prosecution status, performance, and timelines at a glance.

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We recently engaged Clairvolex to help us with strategy and execution of our IP management program. They have shown a high level of professionalism and capabilities in understanding our needs and we look forward to working with them.”

Mark Thomas

Vice President, Engineering and Intellectual Property

A much needed Automation and Tech-enabled services platform for patent development. This is something the industry has been looking for.”

Michael Marks

Founding Partner, Celesta

Formerly CEO, Flextronics

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