Clair IDS

Greater efficiency, speed, and accuracy with automated IDS.

Clair IDS is a software designed to facilitate the complete IDS filing process in a single solution - for companies and Law Firms handling a large volume of IDS filings.

Paralegal uploads a patent portfolio into Clair IDS.

AI technology extracts family from public sources, file wrapper documents, and all relevant references.

Process automation compares relevant documents across all family members, compiles references into a Citation Matrix, automatically identifies any missing references, and auto-populates IDS (SB08) forms.

Auto-populated IDS forms are prepared ready for paralegal review and filing.

Clair IDS
  • Machine-assisted automation extracts all relevant references and  documentation into a Citation Matrix.
  • User-friendly interface and seamless system and database integrations ensure software is simple to implement and easy to use.
  • Elevates Paralegal to data validation and quality assurance functions.
  • IDS is scalable to meet the varying needs of our customers.
  • Automated family-based audits quickly gather and prioritize international citation and references.
  • Seamless data source integrations across USPTO, global dossier, EPO OPS, PrivatePAIR, customer data, litigation data, and custom data types ensures exhaustive filings.

  • Track and manage quality, status, cost, and upcoming events with well-designed reporting dashboards.
  • Manage tasks and workflows across multiple teams and jurisdictions.

Key Features

Automated IDS Triggers

Auto-scheduled when paralegal uploads Portfolio into Clair IDS.

One Page Citation Matrix

AI extracts and compiles file wrappers and relevant textual references, auto-identifying missing references.

Family Based Audits

AI extracts family from public sources and compares across all family members.

Data and Document Management

Paralegal accelerated to review of auto-populated IDS form.

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We recently engaged Clairvolex to help us with strategy and execution of our IP management program. They have shown a high level of professionalism and capabilities in understanding our needs and we look forward to working with them.”

Mark Thomas

Vice President, Engineering and Intellectual Property

During the past ten years, we have repeatedly renewed our contract with Clairvolex due to the high quality of services they provide, as well as the support they give our firm in being efficient and meeting our clients’ needs. We have found that Clairvolex has consistently performed well in providing docketing services, information disclosure statements, and other paralegal support services and, more recently, their technology-oriented products.”

R. Burns Israelsen

Shareholder & Founding Partner, Maschoff Brennan

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