Clair Insights

Actionable intelligence for smarter Patent Portfolio Development.

Clair Insights is an AI-ML powered analytics software that provides a more strategic line of sight into patent prosecution quality through metrics such as reduction in claim scope, allowance rate, abandonment rate, RCE status, avoidable prosecution costs, and HML ranking of granted patents.

ML-powered Taxonomizer auto-classifies patents using industry and client specific taxonomy premises and custom-built patent taxonomies.

Provides insights that can help determine which patents or patent families should be renewed and which ones to abandon, resulting in cost savings from renewal fee reduction.

Offers competitive IP landscape comparing patent filings in same or similar technologies, patent classes, in key jurisdictions such as US, EPO, JP, CN, IN, or through PCT Filings.

Clair Insights
  • Reporting provides insight into status, performance, and cost metrics both at the portfolio level and the individual patent level.
  • Gain insights into prosecution costs of available patents.
  • Achieve superior governance on outside counsel and service provider engagements.
  • Optimize spend at a granular level with prosecution efficiency and Outside Counsel performance metrics.
  • Surface insights to support smarter decisions about which patents to keep, sell, and abandon.
  • Gain useful intelligence through automated HML ranking.
  • Derive IP market intelligence and competitive landscape understanding.
  • ML technology automates patent classification for advanced insights into large patent portfolios.

Key Features

Prosecution Analytics

Pending applications, total number of patents granted assets, distribution of assets by date and geography, and more.

Patent Quality

Percentage of total portfolio granted, number of days from filing to grant, office actions per correspondent, and more.

Portfolio Optimization

Abandonment rate, abandonment post NOA, abandonments v. extensions, percentage of assets abandoned post 3rd RCE, and more.

Claim Strength

Track the strength of each independent claim using automated drafting parameters like grammar, syntax, and more - from original draft as amended through the full prosecution lifecycle.

Portfolio Strength

Understand competitor performance, monitor your portfolio quality over time, direct prosecution to drive monetization.

Cost Analytics

Cost of prosecuting and maintaining patent portfolios, total avoidable prosecution costs for seeking extensions, or for remedying missed prosecution steps and more.

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We recently engaged Clairvolex to help us with strategy and execution of our IP management program. They have shown a high level of professionalism and capabilities in understanding our needs and we look forward to working with them.”

Mark Thomas

Vice President, Engineering and Intellectual Property

Clairvolex has been a valued partner of Marvell for over 5 years. Their work has been instrumental in helping Marvell protect its intellectual property – for example, Clairvolex’s work product in annually assessing the strengths of Marvell’s patents in its portfolio consistently matches the independent expectations of our internal teams which allows us to make informed patent renewal decisions.”

Kelvin Vivian

Director, Assistant General Counsel IP Development, Marvell Semiconductor

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