Innovative tech built from proven expertise.

A full suite of AI-ML powered software solutions designed around proven IP processes to augment and accelerate critical aspects of the patent lifecycle.

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Clairvolex IP Services Benefits

Streamline Office Action Response drafting process to gain efficiency and improve quality.

Leverage automation to eliminate missed deadlines and optimize quality of IDS filings and IP Docketing.

Surface data intelligence to inform smart portfolio monetization strategies.

I can confidently say that Clairvolex software is an innovative suite of products that can make a patent professional's life more productive and efficient. As General Counsel at a fintech company with a smaller legal team and more constrained resources, the software adds tremendous value in moving my patent work faster, smarter, and cheaper compared to traditional patent prosecution pathways.

In my prior position as head of IP at Block (Square Inc.), I had the opportunity to contribute to the development of the Clair solutions.”

Kirupa Pushparaj 

General Counsel, 

SaaS products purpose-built for IP Professionals

AI / ML Powered

Market leading applications of AI / ML technology streamline or automate complex IP Processes - freeing IP practitioners to focus on more strategic activities.

Efficiency and Accuracy

We work in strategic partnership with each client, offering nimble, customized support - wherever you need it.

User Friendly

Designed with a profound understanding of IP processes, business operations, and sophisticated subject matter expertise, our solutions are easy to implement and use.

Clair Response Drafter

AI-enabled SaaS product for efficient drafting of US Office Action Responses - from research, to strategy, to drafting - in a single streamlined solution with a user-friendly interface.

Clair IDS

Software designed to facilitate and accelerate the complete IDS audit & preparation process in a single solution.

Clair Docket Assist

The most advanced tech solution for IP Docketing Specialists, making docketing less cumbersome and risk-mitigated.

Clair Insights

AI-ML powered Analytics software that provides actionable intelligence that enables strategic patent prosecution and enhances portfolio value.

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